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Industrial display
With the development of industry and technology, "intelligence" has become an important direction for industrial transformation. The application of industrial control display screen and touch screen is becoming more and more extensive, mainly used in industrial automation display, military and industrial handheld devices. It is designed and produced according to the technical requirements of professional display devices. Because of the complexity of the industrial environment, it has high requirements for display screen and touch screen. The industrial LCD screen and touch screen have high requirements for service life, performance, technical support and other aspects. With excellent performance, It has been widely recognized as the most high-end and ideal touch LCD screen.
Industrial touch screen displays have high requirements for the performance of touch screen displays because they are used in harsh industrial environments such as high and low temperatures, dust, water and oil stains. Therefore, for this special working environment, Ruixiang can provide professional and reliable touch integrated solutions as required.
We can provide a LCD that supports high brightness, wide temperature and long service life, and a capacitive resistive touch screen that supports wide temperature, high electrostatic test, dust, oil and dirt prevention. It enables customers' products to operate normally in the industrial environment.