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Five important points for purchasing a 10.1-inch LCD screen
Release Date:2022-10-18

Five important points for purchasing a 10.1 inch LCD screen:
1. Perspective
Not all 10.1-inch screens have IPS full view, most of them have poor upper and lower view angles, and good left and right view angles. If IPS full view angles are required, then the wide temperature screen scheme can be selected. The wide temperature 10.1-inch screens are basically IPS full view angles.
2. Warm state
The temperature width is one of the factors that determine whether the LCD screen can be used in harsh environments. There are not many 10.1-inch screens that can reach the operating temperature of - 30 at present, and only a few can reach it. - 20 is common, and the high score - 20 can basically meet the requirements.
3. Height
Outdoor applications are inseparable from the parameter of highlight. The new models of Ruixiang Digital can achieve 1000 display brightness, while the 10.1 inch screen of other models can not reach the standard of highlight at present, and the outdoor visual effect can only be achieved after brightening.

4. Resolution
There are two resolutions in the 10.1 inch industrial control screen. The structure is 16:9. One is 1366 * 768, and the other is 1920 * 1080. We will select other parameters and models based on these two resolutions.
5. Interface
There are two types of 10.1-inch interfaces, LVDS and EDP. EDP is the interface left by the laptop screen converted to the industrial control screen before. However, EDP interfaces are also common on some industrial control mainboards. The disadvantage of EDP interface compared with LVDS interface is that the 10 inch screen of EDP interface can not reach the high brightness and wide temperature at present, and the parameters are relatively conventional, while LVDS can meet the high brightness and wide temperature.
The above are the five points for attention on how to purchase the 10.1-inch LCD screen. Please call us for advice.