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Advantages of capacitive touch screen
Release Date:2022-10-18

Capacitive touch screen as a human-computer friendly industrial touch screen has been widely used. With low power, long service life and stable operation, capacitive touch screen is warmly welcomed by the sales market. A variety of capacitive touch screen products have been released.
The surface capacitive touch screen only applies one layer of ITO. When the finger touch screen is on the surface, a certain amount of positive charge will migrate to the body. In order to recycle this positive charge, the battery charge is carried out from the four corners of the display screen. The battery charge amount in each direction is proportional to the distance between the contact points, so that the small editor can calculate where the contact points are.
In general, the ITO coating of surface capacitor must apply a linearized metal electrode around the display screen to reduce the harm of corner/edge effect to the electrostatic field. Sometimes there is an ITO shield under the ITO coating to shield the noise. The surface capacitive touch screen should be calibrated at least once before application. Today, I will share the advantages and disadvantages of the capacitive touch screen with you.

Advantages of capacitive touch screen:
1. The actual operation is strange. The capacitive contact screen supports multi-point touch, which makes the actual operation more visual and challenging.
2. It is not easy to touch the screen. As the capacitive contact screen is required to sense the current of the body, if the body can carry out actual operation on it, there will be no relative when touching with other objects, so the possibility of the touch screen is basically prevented.
3. High wear resistance. Compared with the resistive contact screen, the capacitive contact screen has a stronger reflection on the aspects of anti pollution, moisture-proof and wear resistance.