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What is an industrial touch screen?
Release Date:2022-10-18

The touch screen system generally includes a touch detection device and a touch controller. The main function of the touch screen controller (card) is to receive touch information from the touch point detection device. It can be replaced with contact coordinates, and the command sent by the CPU is used to execute the operation. The touch detection device is generally installed in the front of the display, which is mainly used to detect the user's touch position and transmit it to the touch screen control card.
The industrial touch screen has strong flexibility, and can be replaced or added with functional modules according to the design requirements, with strong scalability. It can meet the complex process control process, and can even communicate with PLC directly through the network system, which greatly facilitates the processing and transmission of control data and reduces the maintenance.
1. Touch display module
The screen body of the resistive touch screen is a multilayer composite film matching the surface of the display. A layer of glass or plexiglass is used as the base layer. The surface is coated with a layer of transparent conductive layer for control engineering, and then covered with a layer of plastic layer with external surface hardening treatment and smooth scratch resistance. Its inner surface is also coated with a transparent conductive layer. Between the two conductive layers, there are many small (less than one thousandth of an inch) transparent isolation points to separate them for insulation.
2. Logic control and communication module Logic control module includes 24V DC input (18-32) power supply, SDRAM memory and CF flash memory card, 10/100BaseT Ethernet port. The 232 serial port can be used for file transmission, printing and communication with the programmable controller. It can be used to connect the USB port of the mouse, keyboard or printer. The internal circuit board is embedded with a CPU processing chip, which is responsible for the input and output of the display screen and the processing of communication data. The communication module is responsible for specific network transmission to improve the data transmission rate.