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Shenzhen touch screen manufacturer supports customized LCD screen
Release Date:2022-10-18

1. Support cable layout customization
Customization needs to find a qualified LCD manufacturer for customization. Generally, the PIN definition of our standard products will certainly not be suitable for different motherboards, unless your motherboard is designed according to the PIN definition of which manufacturer. The flat cable can generally support customization. Flat cable is often referred to as FPC. Generally, the delivery date of flat cable customization is about 7-10 days.
2. Support backlight brightness customization
Different industries have different environments and LCD brightness requirements. Generally, LCD manufacturers can change the backlight structure to meet the requirements of higher brightness. Therefore, backlight brightness supports customization.

3. Support touch screen customization
The appearance of each terminal product is different. Generally, terminal manufacturers find LCD manufacturers to customize, and touch screens generally need to be customized. Touch screen customization is also divided into two parts, one is the customization of the cover plate, the other is the customization of the sensor. The cover plate is the glass covered outside, and the sensor is the routing to achieve the function, which is generally divided into two parts.