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Precautions for use of capacitive touch screen
Release Date:2022-10-18

Precautions for use of capacitive touch screen
More and more things in life need to be operated with touch screen, home appliances, car navigation, etc. In daily life, the most common touch screen is capacitive touch screen, so what are the precautions when operating them.
1. If the capacitive touch screen is used for the first time, it is recommended to correctly install the driver according to the instructions, and then calibrate the screen according to the screen prompts.
2. In addition to ensuring the correct installation of system software, remember not to install two or more touch screen drivers on a host computer, which may easily lead to conflicts during system operation, thus making the touch screen system unable to operate normally.
3. Try not to let water drops or other soft things stick to the surface of the touch screen, otherwise the touch screen is easily mistaken as having hands on the touch surface. In addition, when removing the dirt on the surface of the touch screen, try to use a soft dry cloth or detergent to carefully wipe from the center of the screen to the outside, or use a dry cloth dipped in industrial alcohol to clean the touch screen.
4. If you touch the SAW touch screen with your hand or other touch objects, the touch screen is slow to respond, which indicates that the touch screen system is probably old and the internal clock frequency is too low, so you must replace or upgrade the system.