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What problems should we pay attention to when purchasing industrial touch screens?
Release Date:2022-10-18

Touch screen is a product that everyone is familiar with, and it has become a necessary product in people's daily life. If anyone still uses a button type mobile phone, he may be laughed at.
The industrial touch screen is needed by many enterprises, especially the intelligent product manufacturers such as tablet computers, so what should be paid attention to when purchasing the touch screen? How to purchase more reliably?
1. Pay attention to the size and specification of the touch screen manufacturer, and whether the sensitivity to touch sensing is high or not.
The produced industrial touch screen can only function when it is installed on some equipment. The requirements for the touch screen should be well matched with the equipment, including the size and thickness of the touch screen. Only when it is suitable for the equipment can it have a good feeling.
In addition, the key point is how sensitive the touch screen is. When necessary, go to the manufacturer to investigate the production technology, try the touch screen after power on, and see if it meets the standards of the enterprise.
2 When purchasing, try to choose a professional touch screen manufacturer to conduct an interactive inspection in the enterprise.
For the purchase of industrial touch screens, it is necessary to satisfy both parties. It is better to invite the professional technicians of the manufacturer to visit their own enterprises to see how their electronic intelligent products demand industrial touch screens, and whether there is anything that needs to be improved, so that the touch screens can better adapt to the products produced.
Pay attention to the purchase cost when purchasing, and pay high attention to the transportation and storage of the touch screen to avoid the loss of the touch screen during transportation or storage.